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Teen Summer Explorers 2018

Closing ceremony

You can view short videos of class activities and students' projects here:

​Short videos of class activities

Click on the class name to watch the video:

Examples of student presentations

Project 1: Create a presentation about a glowing plant or animal

1.1 The glow of the Blue Ringed Octopus (Ricki and Mai).

1.2 Glowing animal: Jellyfish (Vinh, Soo Ryu Hee, Hiki-Hachiman)

Project 2: Create a presentation about your city in the day and at night

2.1 Day and night in HCMC

2.2 The difference between day and night in HCM city

Project 3: Create a pitch to introduce a product or service to a potential investor

3.1 Degrey Ao Dai (Dat the Great & Pat the Fabulous).

3.2 Vietnamese Noodle (Cherry, Max & Jim).

3.3 Pryanik

Project 4: Create a menu for living on another planet

4.1 Greetings Human (Thuy & Nghi)

Project 5: Create a presentation raising awareness for a local charity

5.1 Local Charity (Jeff, David & Si)

Project 6: RMIT - Ideas worth spreading (Khoa)

Project 7: Create a graphic narrative telling a story of a time you faced and overcame a challenge

7.1 Unknown story (Do Le Phuong Anh)

7.2 Challenge (Margarita)

Project 8: Interview someone you know about a challenge they have had.

8.1 Interview (Vy Tran Lam)

8.2 My Dad (Phuong Nghi)

8.3 Daddy (Do Thi Tu Anh)

Project images

Thank you very much for choosing RMIT Teen Summer Explorers as the summer destination for your children. We hope that your children have had a meaningful summer and we are looking forward to sharing more experiences with you in the future.

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